About Us

Roderick Andriessen was born on curaçao in 1977 en lived there until he was 19 years of age.
During this time he was always busy with motorcycles, and basically everything that had to do with petrol engines. His passion for motorcycles was really running through his veins.

After going to spread his wings in the dutch army as tank driver , he successfully started a web design company called Top Motion, to this day he does this on the side.
But most important, he opened up his own motorcycle garage in Belgium called Top Bikes. Within a year this was booming business, but being a father of three kids he really wanted to provide them with the same great growing up experience of curaçao.
So he moved back to curaçao and started Top Bikes Curacao.

Top Bikes Curaçao imports his own scooters, bikes and quads from well known and high quality brands.

On curaçao there is one big problem with the bikes, most of them are 2 cycle engines, as you may know 2 cycle engines need extra oil to be added to the petrol so that the engine is being lubricated at all times. these kind of engines warn out faster and get very hot in these temperatures.
We however use 4 stroke engines, no need to add oil to the petrol, just fill your tank with 95 petrol and go! these engines don't become so hot like a 2cycle engine, so less wear and tear.

Come by our place and see for yourself.

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